Hard to Find Pool & Spa Parts

What is it?

With years in the pool and spa business, I’ve collected brand new parts that for one reason or the other wound up in my garage, in a box, shoved in a spider-ridden corner, and forgotten. When you go through a parts book and try to find some of these electronic and other sorts of pool/spa parts, some of my collection is market obsolete.

That’s an insult! I mean, I kind of take that personally. You know what I mean? I may be a grandpa. I might have white hair. I sometimes forget why I went into a room. But, jeez, me and my parts are not obsolete — especially when you might be looking for an igniter for the aging heater on your pool or spa. Just like me, I can still swing a bat for a home run, and I’d bet that all-copper and metal heater on your pool/spa (no plastic) will still heat up like a home run with one of my hard to find pool and spa parts.

Now, by the nature of the beast, all purchased parts are not refundable. So be darned sure, fellow DIY, you know what part it is you need. BUT BUT BUT–I can help with identifying the right part with a phone call or text.


The Pool and Spa Master, AKA, Clif.

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