Clean Spa Filters Instead Of Replacing Spa Heater

Your spa’s been heating up perfectly, well–it was actually kind of slow on the heating giddy-up. But today that heater is as dead as finding a call center job in America.  So you call your local pool/spa dude.  “My heater’s out and I’ve got company coming in for the holidays. HELP!!!” Accommodating your expert analysisContinue reading “Clean Spa Filters Instead Of Replacing Spa Heater”

Spa Water 104, Clear, No Foam, Please

Yikes! You turn your spa jets on, and suddenly your spa becomes a giant foam machine–or a latte gone wild. First, you scream at the kids asking who dumped soap into the spa. But you don’t have any kids and your spa doesn’t smell soapy.

Cloudy Spa Water Is Like a Cloudy Day-Depressing

Cloudy spa water is unhealthy water. To determine the cause, start with disinfection measurements to checking the spa’s cartridge filter condition.