100-Year-Old Pool Technology and Naked Ankles

After too many years in the pool biz and the chemicals that keep pools disinfected and sparkling, I’ve developed a physical inability to tolerate most synthetic or manufactured chemicals.

Peeing in the Swimming Pool & Bladder Cancer! My Worst Nightmare.

  Let it be known that I DO NOT SWIM IN PUBLIC POOLS.  The following news piece recently crossed my desk and ripped open my nightmare of being tossed into a public swimming pool that’s not blue, but a golden urine-yellow.  That’s right, folks, good, old-fashioned pee in the pool. That combined with everyone else’sContinue reading “Peeing in the Swimming Pool & Bladder Cancer! My Worst Nightmare.”

Chlorine-Free Alternatives For Your Pool

It’s warm in some parts of the country today.  And soon enough we’ll all be complaining about the unbearable heat, and we’ll be ready to jump into the swimming pool. The biggest complaint about swimming pools: Chlorine.  Is it safe?  As opposed to no disinfectant in the pool, I’ll take chlorine.  But I don’t likeContinue reading “Chlorine-Free Alternatives For Your Pool”