My Winterized Pool is Leaking!!!!!!!!

You did the right thing and winterized your pool before the freezing weather. But today you noticed water leaking from the equipment room. WHAT? No way! OMG! Call for help!

I don’t like telling you this, but it’s too late to fix it now. You are going to have to wait until you reopen the pool.

“But, but, but,” you stutter in horror, “there’s water leaking in the equipment room from a good sized crack in the PVC. What the &#@*^ happened?”

Obviously this should not be happening. Enough water was left in the plumbing to expand and break the plumbing. However, the leak will probably stop once the above ground water drains.

Here are some likely causes of that leak suggesting improper winterization:

Did not blow the plumbing lines out or,
Did not pull the plugs out from the pump or,
Did not pull winterizing plugs from the heater manifold or,
Did not put a stand pipe in the skimmer and blow the plumbing out toward the equipment or,
No bottle of antifreeze in the skimmer.

Worse case scenario is there could be pump damage, heat exchanger damage, filter element damage, but you won’t know until the leak is repaired after you reopen your pool. This will probably damage your credit card. Example: New heat exchanger runs between $900 and $1500 plus labor.

Sincerely, the Pool and Spa Master, Clif


Published by Charmaine Coimbra

Reporter, journalist and author who has owned and operated a bookstore, a pool and spa full service business, an apple farm, and is now committed to environmental issues. She has written four books: The Gathering Basket, Connection with 48 Natural Contemplations, Seek Beauty, Find Joy: a Companion Journal to Natural Contemplations; and children's book, Isu Learns to Swim.

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