EWWWW, That Smell. That Chlorine Smell.

Roseanne from Kansas City, Mo,  was apparently appalled by my last post–the one about peeing in the pool.  She emailed the following question: Dear Pool Master.  Your post about urinating in public swimming pools was disgusting.  Who does this? If you didn’t have the scientific proof noted, I would have screamed, “BALDERDASH!”  Every Thursday withContinue reading “EWWWW, That Smell. That Chlorine Smell.”

Peeing in the Swimming Pool & Bladder Cancer! My Worst Nightmare.

  Let it be known that I DO NOT SWIM IN PUBLIC POOLS.  The following news piece recently crossed my desk and ripped open my nightmare of being tossed into a public swimming pool that’s not blue, but a golden urine-yellow.  That’s right, folks, good, old-fashioned pee in the pool. That combined with everyone else’sContinue reading “Peeing in the Swimming Pool & Bladder Cancer! My Worst Nightmare.”