My Winterized Pool is Leaking!!!!!!!!

You did the right thing and winterized your pool before the freezing weather. But today you noticed water leaking from the equipment room. WHAT? No way! OMG! Call for help! I don’t like telling you this, but it’s too late to fix it now. You are going to have to wait until you reopen theContinue reading “My Winterized Pool is Leaking!!!!!!!!”

Beware of Swim Diaper Clad Babies in the Pool

My pool and spa business serviced an account that taught babies how to swim. But try as we might, the water in his above ground swimming pool was a nightmare. Why? Here’s the math: 10 Babies in 10 Swim Diapers = A Sanitary Nightmare

Clean Spa Filters Instead Of Replacing Spa Heater

Your spa’s been heating up perfectly, well–it was actually kind of slow on the heating giddy-up. But today that heater is as dead as finding a call center job in America.  So you call your local pool/spa dude.  “My heater’s out and I’ve got company coming in for the holidays. HELP!!!” Accommodating your expert analysisContinue reading “Clean Spa Filters Instead Of Replacing Spa Heater”

100-Year-Old Pool Technology and Naked Ankles

After too many years in the pool biz and the chemicals that keep pools disinfected and sparkling, I’ve developed a physical inability to tolerate most synthetic or manufactured chemicals.

Spa Water 104, Clear, No Foam, Please

Yikes! You turn your spa jets on, and suddenly your spa becomes a giant foam machine–or a latte gone wild. First, you scream at the kids asking who dumped soap into the spa. But you don’t have any kids and your spa doesn’t smell soapy.