Who is the Pool & Spa Master? & FREE ADVICE

Your Pool and Spa Master survived 50+ years of being in the pool and spa business.  I could probably repair your pool or spa blindfolded, and with a sniff test tell you exactly what chemicals are in your pool and spa and what you need to correct the mishap (like your water is suitable for fish in a pond). My mission now is to make sure old spas don’t end up in landfills and that we reuse our home-recreational water as far as it can be reused. Consider this website a service to our environment.


Your pool water is cloudy no matter what you do. Maybe your spa water is teal. Not good. Maybe you want natural disinfection systems….whatever. I’ve been in the business from building, repairing, and retailing pools and spas since 1971. Yep. You can call me an old pool dude — but an old pool dude with a vast knowledge of pool and spa water chemistry and mechanics.

4 thoughts on “Who is the Pool & Spa Master? & FREE ADVICE

  1. I am in the market for a used 110 spa for my family, where would be the best place to find one? I am on a limited budget.

  2. My family lives in Grover Beach and and the ancient spa that was hear 17 years ago when we bought the house has finally died (we held it together with baling wire and duct tape). We are looking for a replacement 4-6 person tub with some new features (LED lighting, more jets, etc). I would appreciate any help you can lend. I am pretty sure I will need to crane the old tub out and new one in.



    1. Yes, there are answers to your query. You can email me direct at riptidealchemy1@aol.com. You can also check my current craigslist postings for SLO county. I have a spa that might well be what you are looking for. It is a refurbished Catalina Spa currently on Craigslist, SLO county.

      Regardless, I’m happy to give your more information with or without spa sale. BTW congrats on the bailing wire and duct tape spa survival techniques. In these times, we do what we gotta do.

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