Cloudy Spa Water Is Like a Cloudy Day-Depressing

Cloudy spa water is unhealthy water. To determine the cause, start with disinfection measurements to checking the spa’s cartridge filter condition.

EWWWW, That Smell. That Chlorine Smell.

Roseanne from Kansas City, Mo,  was apparently appalled by my last post–the one about peeing in the pool.  She emailed the following question: Dear Pool Master.  Your post about urinating in public swimming pools was disgusting.  Who does this? If you didn’t have the scientific proof noted, I would have screamed, “BALDERDASH!”  Every Thursday withContinue reading “EWWWW, That Smell. That Chlorine Smell.”

Peeing in the Swimming Pool & Bladder Cancer! My Worst Nightmare.

  Let it be known that I DO NOT SWIM IN PUBLIC POOLS.  The following news piece recently crossed my desk and ripped open my nightmare of being tossed into a public swimming pool that’s not blue, but a golden urine-yellow.  That’s right, folks, good, old-fashioned pee in the pool. That combined with everyone else’sContinue reading “Peeing in the Swimming Pool & Bladder Cancer! My Worst Nightmare.”

Scale Build-Up On Pool Tiles–A Case of Mini-Stalagmites & Elbow Grease

Dateline Brian.   Please, help! I’ve tried everything to remove hard water build-up from the tile around my pool. I’ve had no luck, and I’m at a loss.  Thought you might have an answer for me. Well Brian, the Pool and Spa Master does have an answer–actually several answers.  Sadly, they all involve the age old cureContinue reading “Scale Build-Up On Pool Tiles–A Case of Mini-Stalagmites & Elbow Grease”