Chlorine-Free Alternatives For Your Pool


It’s warm in some parts of the country today.  And soon enough we’ll all be complaining about the unbearable heat, and we’ll be ready to jump into the swimming pool.

The biggest complaint about swimming pools: Chlorine.  Is it safe?  As opposed to no disinfectant in the pool, I’ll take chlorine.  But I don’t like it and I’m highly sensitive to it.  So, my personal job became to find something that actually disinfects pool water without chlorine.

Disinfecting without chlorine is tricky business because you are fighting wind, rain, and organic material (including what our bodies leave behind), that daily alters pool water chemistry.  So, earth-friendly ideas like using green tea, bacteria eating bugs, and salt water are a huge failure AND likely to INFECT you with pseudomonis, eye and skin irritation, ear infections, and digestive complications–for starters.

 So, you must disinfect with stuff that kills bacteria.  That leaves you with bromine (which is chlorine-based), and a plethora of chlorine alternatives already on the market.  (But do you really like orange film on your water?)

Ozone is not a bad idea, but it was originally designed for drinking water, not water that we sweat in and muck up.  Ozone’s disadvantage is it is a gas and it wants to leave the pool water and not stay in the pool water.  The only effective way to use ozone in the pool is a series of contact chambers that compress and force the O3 ozone gas to mix with the pool water before it gets back to the pool.  Got lots of money???

 Collodial silver is another alternative.  It is packaged under a variety of names.  Collodial silver does disinfect  pool water.  This will require, copious amounts of shock, and algaecide.  Particular attention must be spent on your water chemistry.

 So, now I’ll flip into blatant self-serving advice–the Riptide Pool Sanitization System–my system.  It is computerized, and once it is set up for your unique pool needs, and the filtration durations are maintained along with balanced  water chemistry,  clean filters, and a simple once a week oxidizing, the Riptide Pool Sanitization System takes care of disinfection and algae-stat simultaneously.

 It requires little space and is an easy retrofit for most pools. 

 More blantant self serving news: You can buy it off my website  and I’m always available for your questions.

Thanks for reading this.  Questions about spas arrive in email box daily, and I’ll have them posted asap.

Published by Charmaine Coimbra

Reporter, journalist and author who has owned and operated a bookstore, a pool and spa full service business, an apple farm, and is now committed to environmental issues. She has written four books: The Gathering Basket, Connection with 48 Natural Contemplations, Seek Beauty, Find Joy: a Companion Journal to Natural Contemplations; and children's book, Isu Learns to Swim.

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